January 20th, 2012

Team Pain’s Triple Threat Contest Results

Last weekend Team Pain and Surf Expo teamed up for what was one of the most fun contests to go down in Surf Expo history. Skateboarders from all corners of the States showed up to try and get a chance at the $3,333.33 we had to give away each day. The event was ran the same way our skateparks are built: “by skateboarders, for skateboarders.” It makes a hell of a difference when you know you are getting judged by your peers instead of someone who thinks they know about skateboarding.

The contest went down like this.. We took 15 people Thursday and 15 people Friday to get paid cash per trick landed (if worthy of cash of course). The top 5 money makers from Thursday and Friday went on to compete in the finals Saturday for one last chance to strike it rich. The top 5 from Thursday were Manny Santiago, Bert Wootton, Shawn Hale, Fletcher Renegar, and Kevin Sikes. The top 5 from Friday were Jon Scianneaux, Paul Hart, Devin Abreu, Blake Carpenter, and Yonnie Cruz. Check this video coverage of all the shredding that went down from Orlando’s local videographer TJ Gaskill.

The top 5 big money winners from the weekend were Paul Hart, Bert Wootton, Jon Scianneaux, Yonnie Cruz, and Manny Santiago.

Big thanks to Surf Expo, Skull Candy, Bones Wheels, and all the skateboarders who came out. We hope everyone had a good time, and that everyone left Surf Expo with their pockets a little fatter. Till next time…