November 7th, 2012

Adil Dyani and His “bucket List”

Adil Dyani is a long time Team Pain friend and professional skateboarder from Norway.  Adil has placed many Guinness world records for skateboarding under his belt, constantly one uping himself.  Adil has started a project called “the bucket list”, trying to push the limits of what can be done on a skateboard.  His bucket list started with the ramp you see above.  Adil plans to hold the record for longest free fall on a skateboard into a ramp.  Adil contacted Tim Payne to consult him about constructing his ramp.  With a limited budget Adil was not able to have the Team Pain crew make the long trip to Norway to construct the monster of a ramp but had many conference calls and skype conversations about the angles and dimensions of the ramp for the project.  We wish Adil the best of luck on his adventure!  We will post a video as soon as Adil takes the big plunge.

Pretty intense stuff!

January 25th, 2012

Arvada Skatepark Footy

With the recent soft opening of the Arvada, Colorado Skatepark, there has been a wave of videos flooding youtube with coverage of the park. By the looks of the comments, people are loving this new park. While the skatepark is technically complete, Big Arvada still has some finishing touches to be finalized, but people just couldn’t wait to get in there, so the city took the fences down. We will keep you updated on the official opening of the Arvada Skatepark, but until then check out one of our favorite videos we found on youtube of some locals breaking in the street course.

January 9th, 2012

Tour Of Arvada

This is one of the first videos that gives you a true look at the new Arvada, Colorado Skatepark. Andy MacDonald has been showing up at quite a few of our parks, and giving you a virtual tour with that handy Go Pro cam. Watch as he gives you a “Skater’s Eye View” of Big Arvada, with a guest appearance by Team Pain concrete crew member, Dave Tuck. We will be making regular posts of these park tours, so keep an eye out for a possible tour of your local park from the Mac-man himself. We still have some final touches to put on the Arvada park, but the snow has been holding us up! We will keep you updated with all progress on Big Arvada. You can check out our facebook page to see pictures from the construction process of this 42,000 square foot monster of a park.

January 4th, 2012

Big Arvada Final Touches

We just received some sick photos from Arvada, Colorado Skatepark that give us a look at some of the final touches being done. The rocks surrounding the park, and the shade structure being installed give the park a unique feel, and a modern look. Check it out!

October 27th, 2011

Big Arvada Update 10/27/11

Arvada, Colorado Skatepark is almost ready! We can’t believe this 6 month monster project is nearing completion. Big Arvada is going to be one of the biggest parks we’ve ever built, and it is packed with unique features. We can’t wait until opening day! Check the most recent photos sent over from the job site, and go check the rest of the archived photos on our facebook to see the entire process of Big Arvada being built.

BA 221

BA 226

BA 229

October 27th, 2011

Big Arvada Update 10/27/11

Arvada, Colorado looks gnarlier every day! With large portions of the street section being completed, granite hubbas, rails being put into place, and flats being poured, this park will be completed in no time. Get ready to plan a trip to this destination park to shred it!!

BA 202

BA 204

BA 206

BA 209

BA 210

BA 211

BA 216

BA 217

October 19th, 2011

Big Arvada Update 10/19/11

More ‘crete poured at Arvada, Colorado skatepark this past week. The specialty eggshell piece gets added to the “finished” check list. As always, check our facebook page for even more photos of the construction at Arvada.

BA 193

BA 194

BA 195

BA 199

BA 200

October 6th, 2011

Big Arvada Update 10/6/11

Here are some fresh photos from the Arvada, Colorado job site! This park keeps looking more amazing so peep these photos on the headway the crew is making with the street course, as well as, the specialty “eggshell” piece Mr. Payne flew out to work on himself. Check out our facebook page to see a full list of photos from the construction.

This place looks like a blast and we know how it is to get into a fresh park before its opened, but the cops are now issuing tickets and arrests for trespassers. We can’t blow it for all the skaters and the City who’ve fought hard to make this destination park a reality, so PLEASE stay out of the park for a few more weeks! The wait will be worth it, we promise!!”

BA 181

BA 178

BA 187

BA 184

BA 186

BA 201

BA 185

September 29th, 2011

BIG Arvada Update 9/29/11

Mr. Payne himself is on the job site this week building the specialty “Eggshell” piece that will be a feature element in the massive street section. This is sure to be one of the most fun attributes of the Arvada, Colorado Skatepark. Check out the beginning process of building such a unique piece, and check out how pristine the Charleston Hangar Replica looks! That thing is just waiting to be skated..

BA 173

BA 174

BA 175

BA 176

September 26th, 2011

BIG Arvada Update 9/26/11

Here is your Arvada, Colorado Skatepark update of the week! The Charleston Hangar bowl replica is finished! The snake run is looking epic, and the street section is underway! Big Arvada seriously has it all, and we cannot wait to see this enormous project complete. Check our facebook page for a complete list of photos from the construction progress.

BA 164

BA 170

BA 168

BA 166

BA 167