April 3rd, 2013

QUALITY CONTROL: Lakeland Skate Park

What is quality control? Quality control is the Team Pain crew testing out our product, to make sure everything is perfect and ready for the grand opening! In attempt to give the skaters a challenge, we built this hefty bank to ledge at the new Lakeland Skate Park. It’s clearly not a challenge for Mr. Dalton Dern! Stay tuned for more quality control! 

November 6th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: Nike SB at Epic Skatepark

This first tube comes from Colin Clark Films. P-rod and the Nike SB team hit up Team Pain built Epic Skatepark for some good times.  Here is the description from Colin:

“The Nike team hit up the Epic Skatepark in Sacramento, the largest indoor skate park in Northern California, for a private friends session with Paul Rodriguez, Youness Amrani, Ishod Wair and more a few years ago for the launch of the Omar Salazaar shoe.”


December 15th, 2011

Apollo Beach, FL Update

Check out this aerial photo of Apollo Beach, FL Skatepark along with a few other snaps the concrete crew sent over this week. We love building parks everywhere, but we get especially psyched when we get to build a park in the state our headquarters is based out of. This park has all your modern street elements, like granite hubbas, ledges, and rails, along with tranny aspects that make it fun for all the ATV rippers coming up these days. Check out more photos of Apollo and our other recent projects on our facebook page!

AP 58

AP 61

AP 62

AP 63

AP 64

AP 71

AP 72

…and the icing on the cake..

AP 70

..hold on guys, that wasn’t in the plans…

October 19th, 2011

Boardertown, AR Ready to Shred

Our most recent indoor park, Boardertown Skate Park in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is finished and ready to shred! Our wood crew just put the final touches on the park and they did another amazing job. The 11,000 sf park has all the modern amenities, including granite blocks used for the hubba, the out ledge and the flat ledge. Along with the buttery granite, you will find some really unique elements to complement the overall park.Check some photos below, and if you are somewhere near the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma, make a point to stop by Boardertown to rip this amazing park!

Park Build Footage from Boardertown Skate Shop on Vimeo.

BT 14

BT 16

BT 18

BT 20

BT 21

BT 22

BT 23

August 30th, 2011

Epic Skate Park

August 29th, 2011

Silverthorne, CO