April 21st, 2015


We are pleased to present to you Orange County Florida’s first Concrete Skate Spot. The John Young Community Park. The county currently only has prefabricated steel Skate parks spread about their system.This Street themed skate spot came about from efforts by the Hunters Creek residents who advocated for a properly designed and built skate spot for their community.This project is planned to be constructed this year and it should kick start the advocacy efforts by the local The Central Florida skate community.

With other advocacy efforts on neighboring cities and county’s currently underway in Casselberry, Longwood and Winter Haven and new found efforts by the City of Orlando to restore the Orlando Skate park, and Larger State wide efforts to remove the waiver clause from the former state statute that covers skateboard and BMX liability; the time is now for the Central Florida Community to get involved in advocacy to help develop a healthy skate park system that is positive and builds on to the quality of life of the Central Florida Community.

We need to show the positive impact a facility like this will have on the community, and as the population of Orange County Grows, we can expect them to keep building more of these facilities!  Location: 12998 Deertrace Avenue, Orlando, FL

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January 15th, 2014

Surf Expo January 2014

The Surf Expo was just in town, and you know what that means… We got to bring Orlando’s favorite bi-annual indoor skatepark back to life for a few days. As always people came from all over the country to try to get a piece of the action. This time around the contest was hosted by Volcom as a stop on their Wild In The Parks Tour. Here are a few pictures of some of the ripping that went on over the weekend.

Here is an above look at the battlefield

Jake “Poptart” Welch boosting a crowd pleasing frontside air over the tranny hip.

Dalton Dern gap to backside smith grind

Cesar Fernandez kickflip backside tailslides his way into first place as Chris Blake handles the social media side of things. (all above photos courtesy of Frank Branca)

After a little confusion from the jet-lagged Volcom judges the winners were decided and these boys are heading to Costa Mesa for the finals!

14 & Under Division:                  15 – 21 Division:                  Open Division:  
1st:  Marcos Montoya                  1st: Alex Sandino                   1st: Cesar Fernandez-$250
2nd: Adam Tyler                          2nd: Christian Wood             2nd: Chad Poore -$150
3rd: Mike Post                             3rd: Miles McKinney             3rd: Dalton Dern -$100
4th: Pete Simpson                      4th: Gavin Thompson            4th: Devin Abreu
5th: AJ Dall                                   5th: Chris Roque                    5th: Jamie Foy
6th: Max Potter                           6th: Cole Dalton                    6th: Markus Jalaber
7th: Landon Swan                       7th: Will Schumatti                7th: Chris Blake

August 20th, 2013

EVENT TRACKER: Idiosyncratic Premier at Midtown Skatepark

Premiering AUGUST 24th at Midtown Skatepark in Orlando, Florida.  There will be a contest before the premiere,  show your support for independent skate videos and come out for this event!

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/214815035349331/

If you can’t make it to the event, you can purchase the video here

March 27th, 2013

FIELD REPORT: Lakeland Skate Park

Working on some brick tranny at the new Lakeland Skate Park: 3/27/2013

Stay tuned for a grand opening date!


February 22nd, 2013


This past weekend Midtown Skate Park teamed up with the “Get A Board” foundation and held a tag team game of SKATE. It was an awesome turn out and not only was it a skate event, they also had raffle for a bunch of product including a flat screen TV and free wings all day long provided by Wing House.

What’s Getaboard? Get A Board or “GAB” is a non-profit organization founded in 2003, created to support the growing number of under privileged youth that have become attracted to action sports. GAB’s mission is to positively impact at-risk youth and to date, has taught over 2,000 at-risk youth the value of hard work, discipline, and a positive self image through action sports. www.getaboard.org

Jeff Wonsong and Kenny Day Battled out 24 other teams and took first place! They won a bunch of free clothes, a pair of shoes and were granted a years subscription to Transworld Magazine!

Jeff Wonsong on left, Kenny Day on right.

The Wing House girls

Raffle prizes

And of course, a product toss to end the day!

More information on www.getaboard.org

Photography by: Midtown Skate Park Owner, Chris Abbot.

February 12th, 2013

Surf Expo 2013

Hard to believe it’s already been a whole month but this is still fresh in our minds! From dogs that can skateboard to girls in bikinis, January’s Surf Expo 2013 had it all! The event included about 2,500 booths of surf, skate, swim, water sports and almost anything else you can think of. Since 1976, the Surf Expo is held twice a year in Orlando, Florida and is designed to help manufacturers and retailers sell their products.

There was an insane amount of talent in the skate event and some tricks went down that don’t even have names! We gave away $2,000 cash throughout the weekend to the best tricks on each obstacle. Special guest Keith Gibbs was judging the various contests all weekend and looking real good out there on the mic. Kevin Perez was kind enough to make a video re-cap of the event, which you can watch below.

Kicking off the weekend with a best trick on the A-Frame, Bert Wootton blasts a huge Allyoop Front-side Flip over the hubba!

Bert Wootton – Allyopp Front-side Flip Photo: Luke McKaye

Friday was a very fun day as well, we had a few races around the park and they got very intense, very quickly. Professional skateboarder, Timmy Knuth was the winner of the Penny board race and took one home as a prize!

Connor Askew on left, Timmy Knuth on right. Photo: Luke McKaye

Saturday was the final day of the Expo. We started it with the best trick contest on the Gap to rail, where Fletcher Renegar and Craig Clements took home serious cash for sick tricks. Renegar landed a switch feeble, switch back lip and switch back smith, followed by Clements landing a perfect 360flip Lip Slide! Then we moved on to the quarter pipe where Timmy Knuth landed about 20 tricks within the first 30 minutes. But he wasn’t the only one ripping the quarter pipe; all the locals were killing it, as well as shredders from all over the US!

Looking back at it, this yearʼs event was a great turn out for us and rocked nothing but good times. We’re hyped for the next Surf Expo coming up in September!

Below are a few more photos and a video re-cap of the event, enjoy!

“Beefy” – Skateboarding bulldog Photo: Luke McKaye

Isaiah Rodriguez – Melon overhead to flat Photo: Luke McKaye

Dalton Dern – Smith Kickflip Photo: Luke McKaye

November 8th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: Devin Abreu at SPOT

Here is a quickie of Orlando local Devin Abreu.  First tube worthy both because Devin is a shredder but also because it is the first footage we have seen of Team Pain’s new 2013 Skatepark of Tampa street course.  Filmed and edited: Chad Brohard

January 16th, 2012

Vans X Team Pain

As we all know, Vans Skatepark Orlando is permanently closing their doors January 21st. As a tribute to 10 solid years here in Orlando and a gift to keep Orlando’s skate scene thriving, Vans has partnered with us here at Team Pain to donate two concrete skate pieces to the Orlando Skate Park. Check out some 3D renderings of these pieces. The pieces will be installed and ready to skate this week. Be sure to check out the events going on January the 19th and 20th at Vans!

January 4th, 2012

Element’s Make It Count: Orlando

This Saturday January 7th, Element’s world wide “Make it Count” contest series is stopping at Orlando’s Midtown Skatepark. Our wood crew did an excellent job on this park, and it has been catching a lot of attention the past year and a half it’s been open. Guest judges Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, and Levi Brown will be there to determine who will be sent to the finals at Element’s skate camp.

December 15th, 2011

Surf Expo 2012 Hype

Team Pain and Surf Expo will be hosting a big skate contest this January 12-14 here in Orlando. There are no specifics yet, other than there will be some BIG money, and there will be a killer Team Pain course. We will keep you updated, and let you know what’s going on as the details start coming in! Get hyped!

tp_surfexpo_2012 (1)