October 10th, 2011

Team Pain History: James Hedrick

Juice Magazine had a sick interview, back in 2009, with our Concrete Foreman, James Hedrick, that has a good story about Team Pain’s early concrete parks and how he got involved with our concrete crew. James has been on the concrete crew since day one and leading our talented crew for many years with his ability and flair. People like James are the reason why parks have progressed so far over the years. We have the best team members on the planet! Do yourself a favor and read that interview here.


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September 26th, 2011

Team Pain History: The Charleston Hanger

In the 1980′s, one of the most legendary pools was the San Juan Capistrano Pool in California. Founder of Team Pain, Tim Payne, had the opportunity to skate the infamous backyard pool and noticed it’s strengths and weaknesses. According to Tim, “the pool had an amazing deep end, but the shallow end wasn’t as good; it needed some tweaking.” Tim thought if there could be a bowl with a similar deep end, but a shallow end that allowed you to keep your speed, it would be perfect! In 1989, Tim got the opportunity to build this “dream-bowl” when he was commissioned by Henry Finch and Nancy Moore of Charleston, SC to design and build a completely unique skatepark. The result was the now legendary “Charleston Hangar.” The Hangar was quickly noticed by the skate industry. At the time, there wasn’t amazing skateparks popping up left and right like there are today. The Charleston Hangar became an outlet for East Coast skateboarders and helped solidify professional skateboarding on the East Coast. The bowl was eventually moved to Johns Island, SC about 10 years later. The Charleston Hangar Bowl has now come full circle for Team Pain and we are hyped to be constructing it in the concrete medium for Arvada, Colorado! When this park is finished, you should definitely go skate it to say that you have been a part of skateboarding history!

Chet Childress


Blaize Blouin

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July 22nd, 2011

Blast From The Past

Time for some Team Pain history! Back in 1996, MTV commissioned Tim Payne and our crew to build them the first real “street plaza” of all time for their first Sports and Music Festival. MTV wanted the course to match the set with an “industrial wasteland” look, with an emphasis on graffiti and the look of destruction (MTV’s “cool” view of how a city would look). Tim approached the project the way only a skateboarder could. Street skating was more popular than ever at the time, and we wanted the course to be as if a skater was actually skating a downtown atmosphere. Tim quickly shot down the idea of an “industrial wasteland” and went to work designing a street course including things a skateboarder would see and skate while downtown, like trees, bushes, and working water fountains. We wanted the ground to resemble real concrete, and used materials like cultured marble for the very first time. In the end we compromised with MTV’s ideas of the course containing graffiti and an old car in the middle of the course. Here is an edit of some of Team Pain’s archived footage from the MTV Sports and Music Festival in 1996 featuring some of the world’s most legendary street skaters Chris Senn, Ed Templeton, Sean Sheffey, Eric Koston, Rickk Howard, Chad Muska, and Geoff Rowley.

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April 20th, 2010

Skatepark Builder Of the Decade – SKATEBOOK

Skatepark Builder of the Decade

Skatepark Builder of the Decade

Tim Payne has been there. period. from animal chin to the Danny Way helocopter drop, etc etc etc. Why, cause he designs and builds the ramps, pool, street coarse’s that most of the cornerstones have been done on.
Read more at SKATEBOOK.tv

March 12th, 2010

Back in the Day with the MTV Sports and Music Festival

Remember when MTV played videos and had vert ramps? We do! Check out this YouTube clip from ’97 with the Wu-Tang Clan and one of our creations.

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March 11th, 2010


From left to Right: Todd Prince, Jeff Phillips, Ken Philion and John Gibson

From left to Right: Todd Prince, Jeff Phillips, Ken Philion and John Gibson

There’s nothing wrong with saying it like it is! Back in the Days of tight friendships on the road! These were some of the best bros to hang out with.

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March 7th, 2010

Found: Animal Chin Build Video

Check out this video-relic. It shows the beginnings of Team Pain Skateparks, and how we have consistently pushed the design and construction envelope of skateparks for over a quarter century.

The video was posted by badger816, whose YouTube Channel has loads of sick skate videos.

What happened to the ramp?
The ramp was kept secret during the entire construction and filming. It was immediately taken down (Not by me but a bunch of yahoos) and stored at an outdoor RV storage yard. The guy that unloaded the ramps stacked them on top of each other, and over time all the ramps collapsed. A few years later, the ramps were given to Mike McGill to build his skatepark in Carlsbad CA. The ramps showed up in a complete mess, and we tried make something out of all the pieces. We built a vert ramp, mini ramp and street course out of it. The Best thing that went down was when Danny Way was almost pulling 900s on it. I believe it’s in the old H-street video.

Why PVC?
They, we wanted to use metal coping but there was such a rush to build it we had to use PVC. The grey stuff doesn’t crack and is not as slippery as the white stuff.