January 16th, 2012

Vans X Team Pain

As we all know, Vans Skatepark Orlando is permanently closing their doors January 21st. As a tribute to 10 solid years here in Orlando and a gift to keep Orlando’s skate scene thriving, Vans has partnered with us here at Team Pain to donate two concrete skate pieces to the Orlando Skate Park. Check out some 3D renderings of these pieces. The pieces will be installed and ready to skate this week. Be sure to check out the events going on January the 19th and 20th at Vans!

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September 15th, 2011

Surf Expo Summer 2011

Check this quick clip from the Skate Art course this past weekend at Surf Expo! The Surf Expo course was a little smaller this Summer, but we still managed to have a few best trick contests, and got to watch the locals kill it! Be sure to show up for Surf Expo this January, the course will be big again and we will be doing another course for Bangers for Bucks.

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September 1st, 2011

SURF EXPO Summer 2011

Mark your calendars for September 8 – 10 because there WILL definitely be a skate course at the Surf Expo! Since Surf Expo only set aside a 20’x120′ area, we will bring in a variety of Skate Art to make up the street course so there will still be plenty of space to cruise around and won’t feel too cluttered. There will also be a contest with specifics still to be decided. Make sure you have your Surf Expo badge ready and be sure to stop by the Team Pain booth for some free swag!





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January 22nd, 2010

More Great Footage from Bangers for Bucks – Day 2

Video and editing by Riley Payne

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January 19th, 2010

Bangers for Bucks at the 2010 Surf Expo

Here is our latest video from the Bangers for Bucks contest at the 2010 Surf Expo. We designed and built an obstacle course with a wide variety of ramps, rails, and our latest SkateArt designs. The video was filmed and edited by Riley Payne.

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August 23rd, 2009

Surf Expo – August 2009

Thanks to everyone who attended the August 09 Surf Expo. The skating that went down was truly amazing and for the second installation of our SkateArt at the SURF EXPO, this show was a huge success and everyone had a good time doing what they do best.

Team Pain - SkateArt at the Surf Expo

Team Pain - SkateArt at the Surf Expo

Each of the three days there were pro demos from the guys at Eastern Skateboard Supply and those guys were throwing down some hammers on all of the SkateArt pieces. We built a custom centerpiece just for this show which ended up being aptly named the “Thing – a – majig” courtesy of Keith Baldassare. Justin Brock was killing the Thingamajig with huge melon grabs and a buttery 360 flip up and over to flat. Chad Bartie Heelflipped the thingamajig all the way to flat and he launched some really high ollies out of the thingamajig. Brandon Westgate pulled an huge Ollie straight up and over the big manual ledge and even 180ed it, simply amazing! Ronnie Creager and James Craig can flip in, and flip out of any ledge or many trick you can think of! They were getting so tech, it was amazing. Corey duffel skated a lil bit, but he actually got hurt playing JT Aultz in a flatground game of skate, so didn’t skate that much on Saturday, but he was killin it on Friday. Speaking of JT Aultz, super nice guy, and has Backside Nosegrinds over the rainbow ledge on lock! He can also get tech with a kickflip nose manny nollie flip out on the yellow slant ledge. Gareth Stehr was another thingamajig fan. He could backside 180 it all the way to flat every try! He never messed up once, and he also launched an airwalk to flat as well!

Chad Bartie - Huge Ollie

Chad Bartie - Huge Ollie

With some cash in hand and some product to give away, we held a couple best trick and best run contests to bring out the truly skilled and help them out with some cash! Local up and comer Bert Wootton won the Friday contest on the yellow slant ledge with a nose many up and around to switch many down and backside flip out, amazing! Another local Jonny Scieanneux stuck a clean Frontside Five – 0 to Frontside Bigspin out on the Wavy bench winning himself first place in one of the best truck contests but that wasn’t enough and Johnny pulled off a Lipslide to Nosegrind to Lipslide on the Sad bench winning in another best trick contest. David Khan completed a winning run which took place on the BIG ledge and the small manny pad with a Frontside Bluntslide on the Big ledge to Nollie Heel 5-0 on the small manny pad.

Check out this video from the guys at Rip N Dip Clothing here in Central Florida.

May 19th, 2009

SkateArt Article in FTK Magazine

FTK magazine has released their Florida Exclusive issue this month featuring Team Pain’s Skate Art and an interview with Tim Payne speaking about his plans for the future of this new product.

SkateArt FTK Article

SkateArt FTK Article

May 19th, 2009

Oviedo Skate Park Gets Some SkateArt!

If you have been to Oviedo Skate Park here in Florida lately, you will notice something new… Skate Art! Tim Payne was kind enough to donate 4 pieces to the park and the kids have been going crazy over them! Check out the photos of Oviedo’s own Johnny Scianneaux tearing it up.

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March 17th, 2009

New Team Pain Ad in FTK Magazine

Team Pain’s AD in the latest issue of FTK magazine features our SkateArt and Nick Fugal’s nose grind across the wave bench. 
Photo: Bryan Soderlind.

SkateArt in FTK Magazine

SkateArt in FTK Magazine

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March 17th, 2009

New Smyrna Skate Park – Now Open!

The New Smyrna Beach skate park grand opening was held on Saturday February 28th, bringing hundreds of skaters to the park. Everyone was having a great time and this park is FREE!!… a free skate park in Florida, what??!!!!! The park features a super fast and smooth as glass flow course along with one of our new SkateArt pieces, donated by The Portfolio Project skate shop. The park also features a concrete bowl complete with 100% pool coping and pool tiles that were broken in with rippers like Tim Johnson and Mike Barnes. Lance Spiker, Tony Walsh, Curt Baker, Adam Calderwood, Chris Berry and Brett Turner from the concrete crew showed up to skate the park with a public crowd.

New Smyrna Skate Park - Grand Opening

New Smyrna Skate Park - Grand Opening

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