May 5th, 2014

Lakai Spring Roll Weekend

Our good friends over at Skatepark Of Tampa hosted an all ages contest with Lakai Footwear a few weeks back with special guests Sebo Walker and Daniel Espinoza. While they were in town the SPoT crew took them over to our Lakeland Skatepark. Watch the video to see these dudes casually rip the beautiful Lakeland park and all the coverage from the Spring Roll Contest. Filmed and edited by Frank Branca.

February 4th, 2014

EVENT TRACKER: Valentine’s Day Massacre!

Saturday February 8th head over to Skatepark of Tampa for their annual Valentine’s Day Massacre. This is guaranteed to be a good one!

October 4th, 2013

Focus X Team Pain Video Contest!

LISTEN UP! We’ve teamed up with Focus Skate Mag to bring you guys a contest!

The rules are as follows: Follow both @teampainskateparks & @focusskatemag on instagram, we name a trick, you film it at a Team Pain Park, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #clips4gear, and if its gnarly enough you’ll win some free product!

This weeks trick is going to be a BLUNT STALL/SLIDE VARIATION. That means nose, switch, fakie, regular, flip in, flip out, street, tranny, etc. The weirder the better, Submit your videos by OCTOBER 17TH!


September 13th, 2013

EVENT TRACKER: Surf Expo 2013

Interested in seeing what you missed out on during the Surf Expo contests this year?

Below we have a full fledged re-cap of photographs by Devin Jacoviello and videos from Juan Ordonez, Kevin Perez, & Drew Perlmutter.

Fresh Edit from Kevin Perez

Another awesome edit from Drew Perlmutter & Juan Ordonez

See you all next year!



September 4th, 2013


Just got in some limited run Team Pain stuff, be on the lookout for upcoming photo contests.

August 14th, 2013

EVENT TRACKER: Competition at Northglenn

EVENT TRACKER:  Attention Colorado! Team Pain built Northglenn Skatepark will be having a contest this saturday August 10th!

11701 Community Center Dr.
Northglenn Colorado


June 18th, 2013


Go Skate Day 2013 is almost here!!! Take a picture of someone shredding at a Team Pain Park for a chance to win $100! Email us your photos ( or tag @TeamPainSkateparks & #TeamPainSkateparks on Instagram.

Feel free to get a head start…the more creative the better. Good luck ;-)

May 28th, 2013

Event Tracker! King Of The Snake Arvada 2013

This past Saturday was the annual “Camtest: Dave Tuck Invitational” contest, this year the event was held at Team Pain built, Arvada Skatepark in Colorado. The amont of shredding was insane..the video’s and photo really don’t do justice…these guys are next level!! Josh Borden came out 1st and is officially the King Of The Snake run! We’re stoked that Josh took home the Team Pain “Snake Charmer Award”!! Camtest raised over 11 K for Dave Tuck through this event. Big thanks to Cam, and everyone involved with making this happen!

1st – Josh Borden
2nd- Andy MacDonald
3rd- Dalton Dern


Team Pain crew member, Joe Storm with that gnarly invert!

Thrasher Video

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1st place winner, Josh Borden, Stalefish

 Chris Russell, 16 years old, Fs Boneless – Photo: Taylor DeHart


Ottis was killing it all day long! Photo: Tim Payne


A lot of close calls this weekend!!


The judges: Partanen, Whiskey T, James Hendrick and Chet Childress on the MC!

Photo: Taylor DeHartDSC_1079



Xavier got away from the madness for a minute and had a bowl session!

Photo: Taylor DeHart


Photo: Taylor DeHart


Our boy Joe Storm!!  Photo: Taylor DeHart


Dalton Dern – Nosegrind Pull in!  Photo: Taylor DeHart


Photo: Taylor DeHart


966885_10201162868175513_1246576889_o467986_10201161203733903_1153835973_o 977210_10201161193373644_789191552_o jenni helms - pic by pual horning 920098_10201161099411295_1049544072_o 474232_10200320645313549_695494812_o



May 17th, 2013

King Of The Snake Trophy for Dave Tuck Contest @ Arvada

GET HYPEDD!! The Dave Tuck Camtest contest is only a week away! This is going to be a really rad event.. a lot of legendary skaters fighting for $6,000 in cash prizes. We’re so stoked its all going down at Team Pain built, Arvada Skatepark in Colorado. This master piece, created by Joe Riche, goes to the winner of the King of the Snake Run contest. Hope to see you there! 

March 20th, 2013

EVENT TRACKER: Florida Bowl Riders Cup 2013 Resluts

Established in 2007, Florida Bowlriders Cup is an annual event bringing together one-hundred of the worlds top Women, Amateur and Professional skateboarders. This grass roots event takes place at two different venues over the course of three days. Both venues are Team Pain built…one being Kona Skate Park and a Secret Backyard Bowl located in the middle of urban Jacksonville. This year Team Pain crew members Tony Walsh, Chris Berry and Joe Storm entered the contest and killed it! Joe placed 8th, Tony placed 11th and Chris placed 14th. Congratulations to the overall winners Dalton Dern, Jimmy Marcus, Julyz Lynn, Kaden Cambell and Jacob Wooten! Scroll down for the full list of results and stay tuned for more Event Trackers that you don’t want to miss!!

Joe Storm | Grant Monahan Photography

Overall Winners:

Masters: Jimmy” The Greek” Marcus
Pros:Dalton Dern
Women:Julz Lynn
Open Am:Kaden Cambell
Boys:Jacob Wooten


Back Yard Open Am Podium
1 Clay Kreiner
2 Kaden Campbell
3 Nick Wallace

Backyard Bowl Ladies Podium
1 Julz Lynn
2 Lizzie Armanto
3 Amelia Brodka

Backyard Bowl Masters Podium
1 Buck Smith
2 Jimmy The Greek Marcus
3 Wrex Cook

Backyard Bowl Pro Podium
Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Dane Quintal


1 Matthew Despres
2 Jacob Wooten
3 Jack Winburn
4 Christian Frazier
5 Joseph Whitney
6 Sam Ogden
7 Wyatt Wisenbaker
8 Joshua Forsberg
9 Jake Yanko
10 Jakob Maust
11 Connor Lerian
12 Harland Quarks

1 Julz Lynn
2 Lizzie Armanto
3 Amelia Brodka
4 Hannah Chumley
5 Dyan Norbury
6 Kerri Caldwell
7 Alex Bibiloni
8 Chyanne Reese

1 JimmyMarcus
2 Todd Johnson
3 Buck Smith
4 Jed Fuller
5 Wrex Cook
6 Donny Griffin
7 Mike Rogers
8 Dave Hackett
9 Thomas Taylor
10 Lonny Reiter
11 Tony Walsh

1 Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Cason Kirk
4 Dane Quintal
5 Jake Hilbish
6 Pat Brown
7 Drew Hoffman
8 Joe Storm
9 Shane Allen
10 Packy Francher
11 Rich Payne
12 Daniel Cuervo
13 Steve Workman
14 Chris Berry
15 Keith Reese

Open Am
1 Kaden Campbell
2 Collin Graham
3 Juan Pineiro
4 Clay Kreiner
5 Marshall Lafrance
6 Titus Massinello
7 Nick Wallace
8 Trevor Brice
9 Eli Reams
10 Brennan Campbell
11 Pedro Delfino
12 Austin Creasman
13 Zach Cusano
14 Miles Mckinney
15 Austin Gordon
16 Tyler Coffman
17 Frank Schaffroth
18 Jake Ilardi
19 Ryan Martin
20 Brandon Yarborough
21 Dante Tonella
22 Isaac Crawford
23 Zion Leete
24 Ashton Dohany
25 Mark Davenport

Bill Danforth
Bob Umble
Clint McQuary
Lenny Byrd
Tim Johnson

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