November 20th, 2012

OH SNAP!: James Hedrick

“James and Terrill are down from Colorado. Peacock and Parts are in town. Mix in Cam, Shane, Butler, Tucker and some roundwall and you got yourself a good time.”

-radballs web site

James Hedrick is our Lead designer and supervisor of concrete projects, he is obviously pretty slick on a skateboard aswell.

November 8th, 2012

A Thank You from the City Of Gunnison!

Thank you too, Gunnison!  -Team Pain

November 8th, 2012

Quality Control: Jack Balerud in Gunnison.

So, our quality control section highlights our crew members testing their work.  Here you see concrete crew member Jack Balerud testing a bowl in Gunnison Colorado before it was finished.  The guys always make sure it all works before it is finished.  Photo from Sean Kelly.

November 6th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: Creature in Colorado!

This first tube comes from RIDEChannel.  A bunch of the Creature guys rolled out to Colorado to shred some pools and Team Pain’s Roxborough Skatepark.  Shout outs to Team Pain concrete crew members Joe Fernandez(pictured above) and Chris Withrow(seen skating bare foot!)

October 24th, 2012

Field Report: Gunnison Gets More Concrete

The crew is nearing completion of the skatepark in Gunnison, Colorado!  The boys mentioned that it is getting cold out there.  Hope you guys can get it done before it gets too cold.  Doing a great job so far.

The bowl looking nice with the faux hot tub extension.

flats, flats, and more flats being poured…

May 15th, 2012

FIELD REPORT: Bradenton Florida Skatepark

The Team Pain progress continues down south even though we are still ripping in Colorado.  This year is going to be crazy for Team Pain’s crew. This is what we have been doing in Bradenton Florida next to the water.  The weather hasn’t been too harsh in the last week or two so hopefully the crew hasn’t burned up yet.  Click the photos for a bigger look!

brad4 brad5 brad6 brad7 brad3 brad2 brad1

May 15th, 2012


Things are coming together in Wheat Ridge.  The street course construction is underway!  Take a look at the photo of the bowl, then click below for a gallery of the crew’s progress on the new Wheat Ridge Skatepark.


January 30th, 2012

Field Report: Providence East

We are starting up some new news segments here on the new site to keep some consistency going for all you web lurkers. “Field Reports” will be our weekly news updates and photos from our current job sites. Check out today’s Field Report from Providence East, the second of the three new parks getting built along Florida’s West Coast. Check all of the photos from the construction over on our facebook.

January 25th, 2012

Providence East Gets Some Local Love

Brandon, FL’s online news source “Brandon Patch” has a nice article up on their website giving you some details about what’s going on with our current job at the Providence East Skatepark. Our concrete crew has been hard at work with three new parks here in Florida, Providence East being the second of the three new parks going in along the West Coast. Check out the article here that also includes some more photos, and a video of concrete crew member Chris Berry doing some quality control on the new bowl.

January 11th, 2012

Backyard Paradise

Back in 2009, a young teenage FL ripper named Keith Baldassare(and his Mom) approached us about building some serious concrete transition in his backyard. Some of the Team Pain concrete crew showed up at his house (address will remain private, sorry guys), and built some of the gnarliest transitions in all of Florida. Keith’s backyard has gotten some serious attention from a ton of FL’s heavyweight skateboarders, and recently an article came out in Focus Skate Mag, giving you the rundown of this backyard paradise. We hit up the young Keith Baldassare, and got a little insight on his thoughts about his personal wonderland.

Keith, give us the run down on your backyard..

I dont know what to call it except a death pit. Haha, it’s a bowl built into my block wall fence. Its like six foot with loads of vert.

Who designed it, and who built it?

I designed it, and it was mainly Josh and Tony. Most of the crew was here on the pour days though, and I made some of the pool coping and helped with as much prep work as I could.

What’s your favorite piece of it to skate?

My favorite part is the bank wall, it’s gnarly but not too hard to do tricks on compared to everywhere else.

Who rips it the hardest aside from yourself?

The people that rip it hardest are Matt Call, Mike Barnes, Nick Murphy, Poptart, Tyler Coffman, Joe Storm, a ton of others as well. Too many to name.

Thanks Keith, glad to hear you’re doing well, and that you and your backyard are getting some well deserved coverage!