April 4th, 2013


QUALITY CONTROL: Check out fellow ripper Jacob Welch, also known as “Poptart” launching a big boneless in the Mid-bowl section at new Lakeland Skate Park. Park is open to the public on May 18th – Stay tuned for details!

Photo: Nick Nicks

April 3rd, 2013

QUALITY CONTROL: Lakeland Skate Park

What is quality control? Quality control is the Team Pain crew testing out our product, to make sure everything is perfect and ready for the grand opening! In attempt to give the skaters a challenge, we built this hefty bank to ledge at the new Lakeland Skate Park. It’s clearly not a challenge for Mr. Dalton Dern! Stay tuned for more quality control! 

April 3rd, 2013

OH SNAP! Alessandro Sorgente

OH SNAP! Check out this awesome photo of Alessandro Sorgente launching 6ft over the Cocoa Beach Skate Park coping! Photo: Mike Rogers

March 27th, 2013

FIELD REPORT: Lakeland Skate Park

Working on some brick tranny at the new Lakeland Skate Park: 3/27/2013

Stay tuned for a grand opening date!


March 26th, 2013

FIELD REPORT: Lakeland Skate Park

Check out the Lakeland Skate Park progress as of 3/26/2013! Stay tuned for a grand opening date.

March 21st, 2013

FIELD REPORT: Lakeland Skate Park

Birds eye view of the Lakeland Skate Park! Photo taken on 3/20/2013…stay tuned for more Lakeland updates!



March 21st, 2013

OH SNAP! Nick Wallace Stale Fish

Nick Wallace with a proper Stale Fish in the deep end of the Secret Backyard bowl  during the Florida Bowl Riders cup! Check out the contest results here: RESLUTS

March 14th, 2013

City Of Nashua Wants to Demolish Deane Skate Park – Nashua, NH

Nashua Skate Park was one of the earlier Concrete parks Team Pain built back in 1999. Unfortunately, the City of Nashua, N.H. wants to demolish the David W. Deane Skate Park to make room for new commercial development. When the park was built, the agreement was that if the land were to be developed, the developer would need to replace it with a new park of greater or equal quality. Along with the Eastern Border skate shop and Nashua skateboard community we are trying to build support around this issue. There is an online petition and they are half way to their 2,000 signature goal, please sign the petition and keep help skateboarding alive in Nashua! You can also contact the following people to show your support: Mayor’s Office. Parks & Rec.


Film by Michael Cirelli and Jon Wolf

March 14th, 2013

Florida to Colorado with Bert Wootton & Chris Blake

The local homies Bert Wootton, Chris Blake and Kevin Perez got a chance to skate a few of our parks on their road trip out west. The boys drove from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California. Scroll down and check out some pictures from the trip and a must see 8 minute clip featuring Milton, FL | Lafayette,CO | Northglenn,CO and Arvada,CO Skate Parks!

March 14th, 2013

OH SNAP! Chris Blake

Chris Blake and Kevin Perez filming at our big Arvada Skate Park in Colorado! Stay tuned for a video clip featuring Chris and Bert Wootton.

Peeepin footy

Photo: Bert Wootton