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Event Tracker: GFL Series @ Lakeland Skate Park !



The Grind For Life Contest Series Presented by Gansito Marinela USA is going to be at our Lakeland, FL Skate Park and it’s only one week away! Register at and skip the line. If you’ve never entered a GFL contest before, you can skate this stop for free just show up and see The Boardr for registration. See you there!

Click here for more info..


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EVENT TRACKER: Grind for Life Series at Lakeland Presented by Adidas

REMINDER that the third Grind For Life, Inc. & The Boardr contest at our Lakeland Skate Park presented by Adidas Skateboarding is only three days away!! See the guys shred on the Lakeland skateparks designed and built by us here at Team Pain Skateparks


10am: Street 9 and Under Division: Jams

10:30am: Street 10 to 12 Division: Jams

11am: Street 13 to 15 Division: Jams

11:30am: Street Girls Division: Runs

12pm: Awards Break

12:15pm: Street 16 to 29 Division: Jams

12:45pm: Street 30 and Up Division: Runs

1:15pm: Street Sponsored Division: Jams

1:45pm: Awards Break

2pm: Bowl 9 and Under Division: Jams

2:30pm: Bowl 10 to 12 Division: Jams

3pm: Bowl Intermediate (13 to 39) Division: Jams

3:30pm: Bowl Girls Division: Jams

4pm: Bowl Masters (40 to 49) Division: Jams

4:30pm: Bowl Grand Masters (50 and Up) Division: Jams

5pm: Bowl Sponsored Division: Jams

5:30pm: Awards

Runs format events: 2, 50 second runs, best run counts as your final score.
Street Jams format events: 3 skaters per jam, 3 minutes per jam. Judged on overall impression.
Bowl Jams format events: 8 skaters per jam, 3 runs at 30 seconds each, skate in order until you fall. Judged on overall impression.


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Does Having a Properly Built and Well Designed Skate Park Aid in Producing Talent? Interview with Lakeland Local Ripper, Marse "Little" Farmer

Marse "Little" Farmer is a young up and coming ripper out of Florida. He's constantly producing killer content and has been featured a few times on the very popular, Metro Skateboarding Instagram. Which has well over 500,000 followers and a reputation for featuring minding blowing skaters. Marse goes by the nickname "Little" and for his age he's a sharp kid with a humble attitude.  "Little" has been skating our Lakeland skate park since it opened back in 2013 and this is where I first met him. He's skated in numerous grom contests at Skate Park of Tampa and across Florida in previous years placing pretty well in the rankings.

Last week we posed a question, "Does having a properly built and well designed skate park aid in producing talent?". We wanted to ask this question to Marse, being a local of Lakeland Skate Park himself, so let's see what he has to say.


Q) What's up Marse, let's get some general questions outta the way. How old are you and how long have you been skating?

A) I'm 18 and I've been skating for about 11 years now.

Q) Who or what was your biggest influence to start skating?

A) My brothers were definitely a big influence on my skating. Mainly because I use to watch them skate and I thought it was the coolest thing, I've been skating ever since. 

Q) Hell yeah that's killer, where are you from and where do you skate on a regular basis?

A) I'm from Lakeland, Florida and I skate at the Lakeland Skatepark everyday.


Q) So it's safe to say Lakeland's your home park, what's the best thing about skating at Lakeland Skatepark and do you have a favorite obstacle or area that you like to skate most?

A) The best thing about Lakeland Skatepark is that we basically have everything  that you would find in the streets. We also have two really good bowls and my favorite obstacle has to be the bump to big box.

Q) Would you say having a killer park like Lakeland to skate on a regular basis has a positive effect on your ability to progress faster than most?

A) Yeah, I would because Lakeland offers a bunch of different obstacles. It allows me to practice and progress my skating easier than most who don't have a park or a park that has this many options. 

Q) How many hours a day would you say you spend skating at Lakeland Skatepark?

A)  I would say close to 4 hours a day during the week and longer on the weekends.


Q)Do you work or are you in school?

A) I'm in school, this is my senior year.

Q) Finishing up Senior year that's a relief huh? Any plans on College or traveling?

A)Yeah, it's a relief for sure and I don't know about College yet. But thinking about maybe moving out to California when I graduate. 

Q) Good call, you've got the talent. Do you have any sponsors right now?

A) Domain Apparel, Headbuzz Skateboards, and Loser Wheels.

Q) Any goals in skating you'd like to accomplish? Any plans of skating Tampa Am this year?

A) I would like to go Pro one day and I'm trying to skate Tampa Am this year but not sure if I can get in because I haven't skated in Damn Am yet. 


Q)  We appreciate you taking the time Marse! We definitely recommend skating Damn Am and we wish you luck on your journey. You definitely have a bright future in skateboarding if you stick with it. Any last words or shout outs?

A) I'd like to give a shout out to all the homies at Lakeland Skatepark that I skate with!

Q) One final question, who makes the best skateparks?

A) Team Pain Skateparks

Interview conducted by Nick Murphy

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