July 16th, 2015

A Brief History Of The Camtest/Tuckfest in Honor Of Dave Tuck


The Camtest/Tuckfest is a nonprofit charity event, in which all the proceeds gained go to the Grind For Life and Strap In For Life charity organizations, to benefit those fighting against cancer. The event is the brainchild of Cam Dowse and it continues to gain recognition and grow larger every year since its humble beginnings. It’s roots go back to the early 2000’s in Boulder, Colorado as a backyard contest at the “Skate Colorado Ramp”. At that time its only goal was to bring the local skate scene together for some summer fun. Since its humble start in Colorado, its grown into what it is now. It’s taken place at several venues throughout the years, including The Humbler, The Pink Motel, The Bad Egg House and even our very own Arvada, Colorado Skate Park.

In Sept of 2011, Dave Tuck a fellow skateboarder and dear friend of Cam Dowse and many of us here at Team Pain, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In the words of Cam, “Dave’s always been an inspiration and deeply connected in the skateboard world, it’s no doubt the CAMTEST is now a contest in Dave’s honor… and forever it will be.”

The “King of the Snake” Dave Tuck Invitational presented by Red Bull took place at our Arvada, Colorado Skate Park and was a major success back in 2013. With over 6K in cash prizes up for grabs, some of the best skaters from across the nation came out to put on a show, take home some cash, and most importantly celebrate the honor of our good friend Dave Tuck. At the end of the day the top three skaters were, 1st Place – Josh Borden, 2nd Place – Andy MacDonald, 3rd Place – Dalton Dern. Tim Payne awarded the San Pedro crew (Riley, Robbie and Oscar) the Snake Charmer award and some cash for ripping the park to pieces and having a good time while doing so. Check out a few photos of the past event below!

We are really looking forward to this year’s Camtest/Tuckfest at the Pink Motel. Divisions are split up a bit different than your usual contest; it will be based off weight classes. Gates open at 1pm and a $10 donation at the gate is appreciated. This year’s best trick will be over the diving board and as always this will be a fun one where we can all come together with old and new friends alike to celebrate all our lives that are so passionately wrapped around skateboarding; as well as pay our respects to a man who dedicated so much of his own life to skateboarding. Rest in peace Dave, from all of us here at Team Pain. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to know you and we’re beyond stoked to take part in such a great cause, we look forward to many more to come. Thank you Cam for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do for skateboarding.





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July 16th, 2015

BACKYARD CRASH! Xavier Lofting One at an Undisclosed Location


Photo: Taylor Dehart




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July 14th, 2015

FIRST TUBE! Lafayette Skate Park Montage – Meta Skateboards

For those of you who don’t know what our “First Tube!” segment is all about, we basically pick our favorite videos, either from skate media sites or via web submissions that feature our parks or projects.  Check out the guys at Meta Skateboards casually tearing up our Lafayette, CO park.

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July 13th, 2015

OH SNAP! Doubles with Dana & Jaeson at Our Roxborough, CO Park

OHSNAPdouble copy

Photo | Taylor Dehart




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July 10th, 2015

EVENT TRACKER: Cocoa Beach Skate Park 10 Year Anniversary


It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years since we first constructed the Cocoa Beach Skate Park back in 2005. CB Skate Park has been playing a major roll in developing the local skate scene and youth since it’s completion. Shout out to Scooter Newell and Dan Hatcher for holding things down over the years and running an amazing program.


This park has produced some talented skateboarders throughout the years, a few names include Clive Dixon, Keith Baldassare,Timmy Knuth, and Adam Taylor. The park is complete with a killer Pro Shop that will meet most your skateboard needs and not to mention they’re constantly running  rad events pretty much every other month. The park even offers a killer seasonal skate camp with tons of activities for skaters of all ages.


Adam Taylor



Clive Dixon



Keith Baldassare

Overall,  Cocoa Beach is an active, positive, and professionally run skate park with a new generation of young rippers. Keep your eye out for these young up and comers, Killian Horn, Grace Marhoefer ,Elijah Allred, and Max Potter. It’s their 10 year anniversary celebration coming up Saturday, July 11th kicking off at 10 am. They’ll also be holding an after party at Coconuts On The Beach at 9:30pm, if you’re in the area stop by for a drink or two!

– Cheers




July 10th, 2015

OH SNAP! Baker’s Rowan Zorilla Lip Sliding in Lakeland, FL.

01-bakertour2015-post1-atiba copy

Photo: Atiba


The Baker crew has been in Florida for the past couple days following their demo at the Skate Park of Tampa.  Here’s a shot of Baker’s Rowan Zorilla getting lippy in the deep at our Lakeland, FL Skate Park.

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July 10th, 2015

FIELD REPORT: Concrete in Pueblo, CO 7.10.15

Concrete pouring has begun and the guys are working steadily on the bowl area of our Pueblo, Colorado project. The bowl featured below is 9.5ft  in the deep end and 6ft in the shallow area, featuring a bonus corner which opens up some options. It would be insane, to see a gap from deep to shallow over the bonus pocket, anyone in Pueblo, CO up for it!!? The second bowl is 8ft in the deep end and 5ft in the shallow, ideally a more user friendly option. Remember to check in regularly and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all our projects!

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July 9th, 2015

Throwback Thursdays! R.I.P “Epic Skate Park” in Rocklin, CA

On this Throwback Thursday we wanted to pay homage to this amazing skate park we constructed back in 2009. It’s doors are sadly closed but they still have a pro shop located across from it’s former location. Their current address is 1108 Tinker Rd, Suite 190, Rocklin, CA 95765 stop by and check em out if you’re in the Rocklin, CA area. For now take a peek at some of the epic images from when it’s doors were open.

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July 8th, 2015

Design Workshop: Pueblo, Colorado – Street Area Concept

DWPueblo NEWSTREET 2 copy


Our Pueblo, Colorado project is currently in progress and we’re stoked to give you guys a sneak peek of the current concept renderings we’ve been working on. The concept above is for the street area that will be separate from the bowl area and offers a wide variety of obstacles to choose from. Let’s take an in depth look at what this concept really has to offer before it becomes a reality.

Heavily geared towards the “Street Skater” demographic with a slight sprinkle of transition to allow for adequate flow. We’ve incorporated a solid selection of flat bars and hand rails to choose from, that range in all shapes and sizes. Let’s focus on the image seen directly below, notice the kicker to round rail option that also doubles as a bump to gap. The long round rail set on the mellow bank on the opposing side of the kicker is low enough to be skated from flat as well. This allows for skaters to stray away from the traditional style of only going down a rail and opens up the option for the rail to be skated both ways, up or down. If you’re feeling extra froggy and want to go full gnar you can even take your chances from flat; going up and over the gap and landing into the kicker. A hefty challenge to any of those in Pueblo who have adequate pop!


Image Two

Now let’s direct our attention to the opposite side of the long round rail and kicker set up, just before the taco transition obstacle, towards the end of the park, we have another similar obstacle. As you can see better in “Image Three” below, we offer a more user friendly bump to gap/rail option. What’s different you might ask!? Notice the ledge/Hubba attached to the side, this allows for those who aren’t into rails or simply beginners, a smaller scale, less intimating option. This obstacle also has the potential to be multi functional as well.


Image Three

Let’s now check out “Image Four” below, there’s a lot of unique features here including a step up, manual pads, standard ledges, and a couple rails. Let’s specifically focus on the “Coast to Coast” square rail located in the center. From my personal experience, it’s rare to come across a rail at this length at a skate park. Being a user friendly height and not too high but very hefty in length allowing for that “T-pud” combo style of technical skating. Let’s not forget to mentioned the endless possibilities it offers if one uses their imagination.


Image  Four

We’ve covered most of the center area and it’s obstacles and possibilities. Now we’re going to take a look at the outer surrounding areas. As you can see in “Image 5″ below we have that sprinkle of transition added to the mix. This allows for a bit of diversity and has a huge impact on the flow of any skate park. The feature that stands out most is the hipped brick China Bank with a slight escalator.This obstacle is fairly unique and looks like a blast to skate for all skaters at all levels. It’s multi functional and gives the user something different and challenging to skate that they might otherwise not be accustomed to. In the far back left corner of “Image Five”  we have that taco obstacle we mentioned early. This obstacle offers the perfect transition for beginners and street skaters who want to mix it up a bit. Lastly, we have the stair set with dual Hubbas. This is a street skaters dream… you have two perfect Hubbas with the ability to be skated both ways regardless of what stance you are. The hefty stair set will allow for those Baker style skaters to get buck and huck! Well that’s a wrap for this segment of Design Workshop! We look forward to bringing Pueblo, CO a killer skate park and we hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!


Image Five

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July 8th, 2015

EVENT TRACKER! Baker Demo at Skate Park Of Tampa

The Baker Team was in Tampa, Florida this last week and put on  killer demo at the infamous Skate Park of Tampa. Here’s a quick photo recap, for full coverage head over to our friends at Skate Park of Tampa.com

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