June 18th, 2014

In The Park: Willy Akers at Lafayette, CO

Strange Notes (in association with Independent Trucks and OJ Wheels) newest installment of their “In The Parks” series was filmed at our very own Lafayette, CO Skate Park with Willy Akers. This video is awesome to watch. Willy manages to skate nearly every inch of the 19,000 square foot park, and he makes it look easy.

October 4th, 2013

OH SNAP: Trey Butler

Got a GNARLY oh snap  submission of Trey Butler executing a textbook pivot fakie at Team Pain Built Lafayette park in Colorado the other day, out of hundreds of submissions this was one of the only keepers! Where are all the photographers at?!

photo/Chaz Miley

September 18th, 2013


Check out these three videos of Chris Blake and Bert Wooten shredding our Colorado Parks!




Filmed & Edited By KEvin Perez

May 18th, 2012

Birds Eye View: Lafayette Skatepark

We were just sent beautiful aerial photos of our Lafayette Skatepark.  So, with the amount of popularity we had with the aerial photos of Arvada Skatepark we decided to share these so you guys can see what the entire skatepark has to offer.

This will be a share contest feature on our FACEBOOK PAGE this week.  Please add our page and share the photo for your chance to win a Team Pain care package!

September 29th, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Lafayette Receives Starburst Award


Another Team Pain Skatepark in Colorado receives the Starburst Award. This time the Lafayette, Colorado Skatepark has won the Starburst Award for it’s excellent use of lottery funds. Check out the press release from the City of Lafayette below:

Press Release from the city of LAFAYETTE, CO – September 22, 2011 – The Colorado Lottery announced this week that the Lafayette Skatepark is the recipient of a 2011 Starburst Community Award. The Starburst Community Award recognizes excellence in the use of Lottery proceeds in community projects implemented to enhance a community’s environment. The award process takes into account project goal achievements, creative use of Lottery funds, as well as economic and social impacts of the project on the community. The official award will be presented to City Council by the Colorado Lottery during the October 4 Council meeting.

In its entirety, the skatepark covers 19,000 square feet; 12,500 square feet of streetscape and 6,500 square feet of bowl structures. The facility targets the newest trend of “street skaters”, who participate in ‘bowl’, ‘plaza’, and ‘obstacle’ styles of street courses. It was carefully planned to incorporate challenges for beginners to professional levels, and offers unmatched regional longevity with its progressive design. Because of the project’s location in City Park, the City was able to utilize some existing infrastructure freeing up funds to go directly towards outfitting a remarkable, feature-heavy design with optimal skateable components. Unique materials such as granite, sandstone, marble, and colored concrete were integrated into the project to create a
distinct personality and provide an unmatched skating experience.

Skaters concur that Lafayette is definitely one of the best skateparks not only in the region, but the entire state. In the 9 short months the park has been opened, it has been a national stop on the Elements Make it Count Tour, featured in Thrasher Magazine, and a location for the filming of a Smithsonian Network skate documentary. Word travels fast in the skateboard world. Recreation Staff consistently receives requests from skate organizations interested in hosting events and contests at the park. Skate lessons and camps have been full, and other local programmers bring their groups and campers here to use our facility.

According to Curt Cheesman, Recreation and Facility Management Director, “It’s an honor to have been chosen to receive the Starburst Award. We’re very proud of the Lafayette Skatepark and have been pleased with the overwhelming number of skaters, both young and old, utilizing the park and participating in a healthy, physical activity. Its popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a worthy investment for the City and a valuable enhancement to the City Park complex and the community.”

July 15th, 2011

Lafayette Skatepark in Colorado Hometown Weekly

Lafayette, Colorado Skatepark has been getting tons of attention lately! Lafayette’s well rounded course has made it the perfect place for Colorado resident Patrick O’Toole to start summer skate lessons to introduce skateboarding to the next generation. Check out Colorado Hometown Weekly’s write up on O’Toole’s lessons by clicking the photo below, and be sure to check back for more Lafayette news!

Lafayette Lessons

July 6th, 2011

Lafayette, CO Skate Park: Grand Opening Card

We received a card from Lafayette Skatepark’s grand opening way back in December. Check out Lafayette’s amazing park if you ever get the chance!

Lafayette Grand Opening Card

June 17th, 2011

“Make It Count” at Lafayette

Element recently held their “Make It Count” contest series’ Denver stop at Lafayette, Colorado Skatepark. We just finished this park 6 months ago, but it is already getting tons of action! Lafayette skate locals showed up and put a beatdown on the park, but in the end it was Julien Christenson that took first place!! Julian will join the contest winners from all over the world at the finals at Element YMCA Skate Camp in June, along with a trip to The Berrics on Go Skateboarding Day this Tuesday June 21! Check this sick video recap from the contest Element put together, and be sure to check back for Thrasher’s video coverage we will be posting as well!!

June 16th, 2011

Heath @ Lafayette

Check this classic backside noseblunt at Lafayette Skatepark by one of the most stylish veterans of the street skating world, Heath Kirchart! Emerica recently did their “Skatepark Roundup” at one of Team Pain’s newest parks in Lafayette, Colorado, for an article in Thrasher coming out soon. Be sure to check back for some more coverage of the Emerica team skating Lafayette. We will have some unseen photos shot by Joe Hammeke for you to enjoy as soon as the article comes out, so stay tuned!!

Click the photo below to see the video of Emerica’s Skatepark Roundup!

Heath Kirchart at Lafayette

June 3rd, 2011

Element’s Make It Count Contest: DENVER 06/04/2011

This Saturday, June 4th, stop 10 of Element’s ‘Make It Count’ event series will be held at the Lafayette Skatepark in Lafayette, CO. This will be one of the biggest contests held at Lafayette Skatepark since Team Pain completed the park at the end of 2010. The entry fee is just a single canned food item, and the prizes are a dream trip to The Berrics and Element Skatecamp. Guest pro Ray Barbee will be in attendance to keep the good vibes going on all day. Fuel TV will also be there documenting the contest, so be sure to look for it on television later this year. Check back for a video update of the contest later next week. Check www.elementskateboards.com for more details.