January 1st, 2013

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark

November 29th, 2012

Gunnison, Colorado

November 20th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: Ryan Beckford at Bradenton Skatepark

Here is a video of Ryan Beckford at Team Pain’s new park in Bradenton Florida Called River walk park.  Video courtesy of Liam Jordan.

November 20th, 2012

Williams Farm Skatepark

November 13th, 2012

Adil Goes for It!

It looks like our buddy Adil went for the bomb drop!  Congratulations Adil for the effort. We are sure Adil will do it!  Check out the first day of record attempts.

news coverage of Adil’s attempt.  Obviously not in English.

November 8th, 2012

Quality Control: Jack Balerud in Gunnison.

So, our quality control section highlights our crew members testing their work.  Here you see concrete crew member Jack Balerud testing a bowl in Gunnison Colorado before it was finished.  The guys always make sure it all works before it is finished.  Photo from Sean Kelly.

November 7th, 2012

Field Report: Gunnison Collage!

Now that our concrete crew has high tailed it out of Gunnison some of the guys have sent in piles of job site photos.  We just threw together a quick collage of some of the photos. Thanks guys!

November 7th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: New Broomfield Footage

This first tube comes from Tannah Rich.  The video is filmed well and shows Skyler Meredith’s skills inside of Team Pain’s Broomfield Skatepark.

November 6th, 2012

FIRST TUBE: Creature in Colorado!

This first tube comes from RIDEChannel.  A bunch of the Creature guys rolled out to Colorado to shred some pools and Team Pain’s Roxborough Skatepark.  Shout outs to Team Pain concrete crew members Joe Fernandez(pictured above) and Chris Withrow(seen skating bare foot!)

November 6th, 2012

Friends from Belgium in the Office!

Pieter Possenier and Heidi Tiebergyn from Belgium stopped by the office last week!  Pieter ordered a custom, American bmx frame from S&M bikes and had it shipped to our office so he could pick it up on his American vacation.  Pieter was our main advocate in Belgium for Team Pain’s Kortrijk project.  Pieter and Heidi’s help lead to Team Pain working on two more projects in Belgium.

Here is a photo that Pieter shot just before coming to the states of the Kortrijk park.

Here is a shot from right when Team Pain finished the project.  Squint to see Team Pain designer/supervisor James Hedrick getting upside down in the capsule!