Founder and President, Tim Payne has been skateboarding, designing and building skate structures for over 30 years. His professional experience has produced over 200 skate structures, worldwide.

Brief History

In the early 80s, Tim began building backyard skate ramps throughout the east coast. Skateboard contests were held and word spread to professional skaters of Tim’s creations, which led him to build ramps for the NSA (National Skateboarding Association) tours throughout the U.S. The professional skaters were eager for more of Tim’s ramps. Consequently, Powell-Peralta contacted Tim to build the largest ramp at that time in 1986 for a video production called “The Search for Animal Chin.” Tim along with the professional skaters brainstormed and eventually the half pipe transformed into the creation of the first spine vert ramp. From the famous Animal Chin Ramp to the legendary Chareston Hangar to Woodward Camp to X-Games and everything in between, Tim has renowned for his innovation and contribution to the skateboarding industry. Time recognized the power of collective involvement by an experienced team and as a result formed Team Pain Enterprises, Inc.

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Linda started working with Tim in 1997. Working behind the scenes, she handles all corporate and business activities ensuring quality control and successful operations including: RFQ/RFP/Bid preparations, contractual affairs, corporate and marketing affairs, risk management, in addition to being Chief Financial Officer for the company.



Tito came on board officially in 2002 and is the man behind the scenes ensuring that things run smoothly as possible.  He grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando where he started skating in 1986.  Living in Orlando he skated backyard ramps, the streets of Orlando and Tampa, as well as, StoneEdge and Kona Skate Parks.  His skating ability led to judging and organizing various skate contests and events.  Soon after, he worked at several skate parks in Florida where he found his way into the retail aspects of skateboarding.  Eventually, he became a retail buyer, product manager for various companies, trained managers and set up new skate shops in New York City.   We are grateful that Tito decided to come to work for us at Team Pain.  When asked what he loves about his job, his reply: “My work is my hobby”!  Another quote “The best skate parks are the ones designed and built by skaters”  – We have to agree!!



James has designed and built many skate parks for Team Pain.  He can be found working hard in the field and riding even harder on the very parks he creates.  James grew up in St. Louis, MO and started skateboarding in 1984.  In the late 80’s he was sponsored by skate companies like Alva, Spitfire, Venture and Jobless Clothing.  He moved to Crested Butte, CO in 1991 where he worked in construction and spent his time skating pools and snowboarding.  In 1996, he volunteered his time to the construction of the City of Crested Butte, Colorado Skate Park.  He joined Team Pain in 1997 and with his determination, transformed his skills and love of skateboarding into creating many amazing concrete skate parks.  Today, he resides in, Colorado and travels anywhere to design and build these concrete masterpieces.  James is invaluable to the company and we are honored to have him on the team!

^^^(James Skating from 0:21 – 0:50)^^^

Dave joined Team Pain in 1995 where he worked on the Utopia Skate Parkin Rally, NC.  Dave started skating in 1971 in his hometown of Orlando, skating local spots like the Silverpines ditch, crazy gutter, Longwood Pipeline and many backyard ramps and pools.  Dave became sponsored by Toxic Skateboards in the
1980’s.  Some favorite projects he has worked on are; the Four Seasons in Milwaukee and Bob Burnquist’s Compound.  When asked what the best part of his job is, travelingand skating new spots, no doubt and stoked to be involved with an organization who is one of the pioneers in the park building industry and leading companies in innovation.

We sure are glad that Dave is on our team!


Jay joined Team Pain in 1996 where he started work on SkateLab in California.  Jay grew up in Orlando and started skating in 1986 skating local spots and contests.  He starting working at the late Badlands Skate Park in Altamonte Springs, Fl where he worked in the retail part of the business.  Jay’s street skating ability supports todays standards in the design of street courses and plazas.  His experience in street skating has been a valuable asset to the more street designed parks and has designed several projects for Team Pain.  Jay’s favorite project, to date, is the X-Games events every year.  When asked what the best part of his job is ‚working with his brother, Jeff and his friends, traveling and the freedom in building.

^^^(Jay skating at 0:59)^^^

How old are you?
thirty something.. (38)

How many years have you been skating?
27 years

Where did you grow up, where did you start skating, where was your local scene?
i grew up all over florida.. mainly tampa, panama city, orlando
started skating in panama city at age 11

We tried to have half pipes and copy tricks like we saw in videos such as the bones brigade video show but no one had money and the ramps usually didn’t last long.
basically, i was part of the first generation that really focused on street skating.. gonz and natas and the like really paved the way for me and the homies..

The scene was a bunch of rednecks rolling around on wooden toys.. the funny thing was, we made so much fun of rednecks but looking back, we were just as hick as everyone else in the florida panhandle.
we always had launch ramps/wall ride ramps and the occasional half pipe.. after a few years, we started building smaller half pipes or cutting the vert ramps into mini ramps.. i’m thinking my generation was also the first one that really began focusing on mini ramp skating as opposed to just trying to fly through the air on a vert pike..

most of the stuff we skated however were curbs, gaps, stairs etc… the ollie was super important for us as it was the basis for pretty much every trick we tried.. personally, i was into just trying to hop up things, over things, down things etc.. then the flip-flips started getting popular on the normal boards as opposed to freestyle boards and skating never looked the same again..

then came the early 90s (which is when i moved to orlando -1990) when gonz left vision and became blind.. blind jeans and other big ass clothing became trendy and pretty much everyone skating in that era looked like a bunch of dochebags for a couple of years..

since i already had experience building launch ramps and ghetto half pipes as a kid, i helped design and build badlands skatepark in orlando while i was a senior in high school.. literally, i’d go to school in the morning then go to the park in the afternoon/nights to work on the ramps there.. i think it took us about 6 weeks to build (the same ramps would probably take the team pain wood crew 4 days to build now :) )… i skated that place pretty much every single day for 5 years and met most of the people in florida skateboard world that i still know today via skating/working at badlands..

around 2 years into badlands being open, Tim Payne was hired to build a legit vert ramp and mini ramp.. this was my first introduction to Tim and his building techniques – many of which i still use today..

Where do you currently live?
New York City
i left orlando for the city in the summer of 2003..

Can you give us a time line of skateboarding in your life?
sort of covered it in the earlier question.. but continuing –>

after badlands closed and i began to feel older (around age 27 or so?), i started laying off the skating a bit.. jumping down stairs after 15 years starts to hurt and having a folded ankle every few months just started pissing me off.. my late twenties is when i quit with the radical skating… these days, most of my skating is for transportation around town.. you just can’t beat a skateboard as a means of transportation in nyc.. it makes way too much sense here and fortunately, the necessary balance/pushing/etc is so ingrained in me that i don’t have a problem getting where i need to go in an efficient manner..

i’ll still occasionally reach into the bag of tricks when money comes into play.. 360flip 1st try for $100 etc.. (and graver still owes me that hundred).. the last time i pulled that scam on tim was at the surf expo when he offered up a 20 if i could ollie over/into one of his semi-portable concrete pieces (skate art).. easy money cuz..

Where is your favorite place skateboarding has taken you?
Australia and South Africa (though i guess skateboarding itself hasn’t taken me there.. rather the creation of ramps for skateboarding led me to those places..)

Do you have any sponsors or hook ups?
-i used to get jeans from ranft because he knew the people at Adio.. the source dried up
-my brother is friends with a Krew rep (TJ) in orlando and their sample size happens to be 32 which is my size.. everyone else is too fat these days to fit into those samples so i get auto-dibs on them.. (which reminds me…. :) )
-EG at sector9 hooks me up with socks but i haven’t hit him up in a year or so.. they have the good socks.. (which reminds me)
-anytime we do a job for a company TF etc, we’ll usually get a shopping spree of some sort.. DVS/Matix/Podium was a good one.. My winter coat that i’ve used for two seasons now came from them.

point being, no, not really.. i’m pretty sure i could exploit myself a bit more and get all sorts of free shit but it’s just not in me.. i don’t mind supporting the shred shops (but they better at least give me a discount!).. i like going to the orlando shops because i think some of the employees confuse me with my brother so i just piggyback whatever sort of deals he’s managed to scrape up around town.

How long have you been with Team pain?
Honestly, i’m not 100% sure but i guess around 15 years?.. I know the first job i did with tim was at woodward when ‘lot 8’ and ‘egypt’ were built so check the records on that (Though i’m not quite sure there were any real records back then! maybe dig through the pile of scrap paper at tim and linda’s old house and you might find some actual dates)… after that job, tim hooked me up with other solo projects (meaning, i’d go to the cities by myself and scrounge up a crew there to build a team pain park.. it went like that for a while.. finally, after a few more years, Team Pain started hiring more carpenters (and/or friends that were eventually trained into being carpenters :) ).. and the ‘finding local kids to help build’ paradigm became a thing of the past as we have an actual crew now!

How did you get involved in working with team pain?
Basically, i met time in the early 90s at badlands then told him that i want to build ramps for a living.. i didn’t really know how to run a crew at that time but i was either naive about the whole thing or confident enough in myself  _probably both_ to willingly put myself in the position to develop skateparks using client’s money :)
Tim either saw something in me that made him feel comfortable with being associated with my work or maybe he was naive too! :)

What was your first Team Pain project?
Woodward in PA.
I worked with tim prior to that but it wasn’t until woodward when the name Team Pain started circulation (hmm.. or actually, ‘Team Pain’ might of come a little later than the woodward job? I cant’ really remember anymore!)

What has been your favorite Team Pain project to work on?
I guess I have a few projects that standout in my mind.. Eastern Skate Supply was a good one, Epic skatepark outside of Sacramento, SkateLab in Simi Valley is always nice, a recent job – boardertown in ft.smith AR was good (even though we were robbed of all our tools!), building the bowl at Sector 9 was sweet.. I’m thinking there are some more standouts but right now, i’m mainly thinking about the projects that haven’t happened yet.. new mediums, new shapes, new mindsets.. there’s definitely more to come.. just gotta figure out how to overcome this ADHD first !! ha

Do you have any hobbies other than skateboarding?
Photography, 3D modeling, getting back into the guitar lately.. there was a time (late 20s/early 30s) when i was heavily into golfing.. as in, at their respective peaks, i possibly golfed more hours per week than i skated.. the nyc move killed that though.

-how old are you? 41

-How many years have you been skating? started in 82′
-Where did you grow up, where did you start skating, where was your local scene?  St.Augustine,FL

-Where do you currently live?  St.Augustine,FL

-Can you give us a time line of skateboarding in your life?   Started skating in 82′. First real board was a Mike McGill F-16 model. During High school skated in Jacksonville, Gainsville and Tallahassee. Built ramps for contests at the Surf Station in 86′-88′. Moved to Daytona to skate Stone Edge and work in 90′. Started working for Team Pain in 98.

-Do you have any sponsors or hook ups?  Bones wheels flow the Team.

-How long have you been with Team pain? 98′

-How did you get involved in working with team pain? Omer Windham hired me on for Satelite Beach,Fl.

-What was your first Team Pain project? Satelite Beach,Fl; Breckenridge,CO

-What has been your favorite Team Pain project to work on? Breckenridge was a blast. Belguim was an epic trip.

-Do you have any hobbies other than skateboarding? Family, motorcycles-Harley and moto, snowboarding




Chris has been skateboarding for 16 years now and counting. He was an “Army Brat”  growing up, who traveled around and spent his middle and High school years in Harlem, Georgia. 5 years after completing High School Chris moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he lived for 4 years. He has been on the road for about the past 7 years now traveling around, building skate parks, and skating as much as possible. Chris is a modern day Nomad! Chris started working for Team Pain in 2006 on the Naples Skate Park. His favorite project to date was the Antwerp Bowl park in 2007, his favorite part of his job is bringing his two passions together (skating and creating) and making a living doing it. We are happy to have Chris on the Team!



Mike joined the Team Pain wood crew in 1998 working on professional biker, Mat Hoffman’s ramp.  Growing up in Daytona Beach, Florida he started skating in 1978 where he was sponsored by Lake Skateboards and has been skating ever since.  Mike’s favorite project was working on Bob Burnquist’s personal ramp compound where he devoted his time ensuring that the project turned out well.  Mike’s energetic personality always gets the crew ready to start a new day.

-how old are you? 39

-How many years have you been skating? 28
-Where did you grow up, where did you start skating, where was your local scene? bradenton,fla.

-Where do you currently live? denver
-Can you give us a time line of skateboarding in your life?  i thought i just did

-Where is your favorite place skateboarding has taken you? belgium, was a great skate trip

-Do you have any sponsors or hook ups? we get bones wheels,but im not sponsored  or anything
-How long have you been with Team pain?  6yrs.

-How did you get involved in working with team pain? thru james hendrik

-What was your first Team Pain project? naples fla

-What has been your favorite Team Pain project to work on? colorado springs ,and roxborough colorado

-Do you have any hobbies other than skateboarding?  guitar ,travelling, makin music





Jason or as we call him ‚ -“Ramps”, started with Team Pain back in 1998 on MTV’s Sports and Music Festival in Austin, TX.  A very versatile and technical street skater, Jason started skateboarding in 1989 growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida?
Jason’s favorite part of the job is the “freedom in building”.  His favorite parks that he‚Äôs worked on, is “Oviedo and Merritt Island Florida”.  His experience in street skating has been a valuable asset to the more street designed parks Team Pain produces.

-how old are you? 21

-How many years have you been skating? 10

-Where did you grow up, where did you start skating, where was your local scene? I grew up in colorado skating silverthorne skate park and all over the denver area,

-Where do you currently live? Arvada colorado

-Can you give us a time line of skateboarding in your life? 2000 to 2012 i think it is safe to say skateboarding has been building up to what it is now. nothing too crazy

-Where is your favorite place skateboarding has taken you?  the bridge

-Do you have any sponsors or hook ups? bones sends us wheels

-How long have you been with Team pain? 1 year

-How did you get involved in working with team pain? volunteering at broomfield colorado, and lafayette colorado for a couple months

-What was your first Team Pain project? from start to finish northglen co

-What has been your favorite Team Pain project to work on? big arvada

-Do you have any hobbies other than skateboarding? motorcycles when i have the time.